What character to choose in Diablo 3?

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my new post on this super cool and awesome game Diablo 3. As you probably now the game goes live on May 15 2012. Which is… OMG just in 2 weeks time. I was very curious what character to choose in Diablo 3, therefore I made small character research, because I don’t want to waste my time doing that when the game is live .

The first new character is called the demon hunter. Demon hunter is a mix of a warrior/assassin/archer/mage all in one. It uses tricky tactics and spells to overcome the enemies. Among the key features of this character are: ranged weapont, traps, shadow magic, battle tacits. The battle tactics is rpetty much an escape spell if you are wondering what that is about. Overall I can say that this character doesn’t suit my personality so I would avoid it at any cost, but you might find it quite attractive though…

Second character of Diablo 3 is a Barbarian. As you might have already guessed a barbarian is pretty much a standard warrior class, this class allows you to carry heavy close combat weapons for a maximum melee damage. he can also wield two full-sized armaments—one in each hand—with wickedly lethal purpose. I think we already saw that in World of Warcraft Death knight class… this class features brutal attacks, shouts, and taking hits. One of things that I want to point that from one MMORPG to another warrior class doest change much.

Third character is a Monk. Monk is a mix of a close combat kung-fu fighter and a spiritual fighter who uses his god magic to take down the enemies in the name of god. The monk can take part in combat without any weapons at all, which is quite new for MMORPG games. All lot of people are pointing that this is the best class to play as, I actually might agree with that. Monk’s key feature include spiritual powers, combos, mantras, mobility and speed.  This is a great character to play if you are a big fan of martial arts.

Witch doctor is the fourth class in Diablo 3. This character looks pretty much alike like shaman/warlock combined in World of Warcraft. Witch doctor has an ability to summon random creepy minions that take part in the battle with him. This character uses heavy magic abilities that affect all the battle field. His//her key features are pets, destructive magic, curses and hexes and battlefield control. I think this is an interesting character to play for if you prefer to control the situation without making a lot of effort (that is exactly what Warlocks in WoW do… :D)

Wizard is the most powerful magic wise  character and the last one on the list in Diablo 3. No close combat skills available. This character is also known as Mage, which uses its magical powers to defeat the enemies from the long range distance. This class feature the following skills: elemental mastery, area attacks, protective spells, endless energy. If you like to paly as a mage in any other RPG or MMORPG you will definitely enjoy to play as a Wizard in Diablo 3.

I personally haven’t decided what character to choose. However I’m contemplating between monk and witch doctor, as I’m concerned that we haven’t seen anything like that before. You can find some additional information at the diablo 3 page the official blizzard website


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